About Us

Created in 2009 by two passionate adventurers Thomas and Robin, Beyoung Outdoors strives to be your one-stop destination for your water sports needs. We supply the best outdoor equipment in the market from our modernized factory in Ningbo and our team of over 80 well-trained workers.

Throughout the years, we’ve built relationships with clients across the globe, bringing to life our vision of offering wonderful outdoor escapades by providing top-of-the-line equipment.

Every product is intelligently designed; every experience is adventurously lived.

Staying on top of technology trends

Our Research and Development team is constantly looking for ways to improve our technology based on new trends in the market. We strive to be fully capable of customizing different shapes, graphics, and 3D modelling designs that exceed client expectations.

Meeting quality standards

Our Quality Control Team monitors all the products that exit our factory. Every detail, no matter how small, goes through our rigorous Quality Control checking process. As a result, our outdoor equipment is popular in the industry for its reliability and quality.

Investing in the right equipment

Our capability to manufacture superior outdoor equipment is made possible using high-end equipment we keep in our factories. We take care of our machinery and invest heavily in new processes to produce items with utmost efficiency.