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We produce premium recreational and fishing kayaks perfect for every outdoor adventurer.
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We create top-notch Kayaks for brands.

Beyoung Outdoors’ Kayaks are the finest in the market. Additionally, we offer OEM/ODM services to support your business ideas, needs, and demands.


high Quality


Get the best quality kayaks in the market from us. If you’re a brand who’s entering the outdoor industry, we would love to work with you to create your new product line. Customize your boards or collaborate with our versatile designer!

For a comfortable kayaking adventure


Enjoy with loved ones


For long paddles, windy days, and strong currents


Dominate the Water


Compact, lightweight gear for kids


Support and design in one

For the thrill-seeker



We collaborate with our customers to create their requested design and mold. Our focus is to provide recreational 

kayaks – from 6ft Kayaks for kids to 15ft super pedal Kayak.From tiny grains to exceptional outdoor gear, Beyoung Outdoors is ready to manufacture and supply all your water adventure needs.  

1. material preparation

2. roto moulding

3. Assembly

4. Assembly(Ⅱ)

5. inspection


Your Reliable Kayak Supplier in China

Experience an easy one-stop buying experience with Beyoung Outdoors, your trusted partner for quality Kayaks.

If you’re a water sports brand who needs an OEM manufacturer, we’re ready to collaborate with you and bring your product ideas to life. Drop us an email and let’s talk!

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