10ft Single Kayak

Go fishing at sit in kayak 10 ft,Beyoung Outdoors provide best kayaks to make your fishing trip more enjoyable.


Best Kayak 10 ft.

Durable Materials

The kayak 10 ft. is designed with durable and long-lasting materials to withstand rough waters. Built with reinforced layered PVC, the 10-foot angler kayak remains afloat against obstacles like logs and rocks. There’s a self-bailing floor with several ports for water drainage, so you don’t have to worry about sinking when you choose this product.

Suitable for Fishing

This 10 ft. sit-on-top kayak is designed to suit your fishing adventure. It has front bungee storage that is ideal for keeping your rods, fish finders, and other possessions safe and dry. They can also be attached to multiple universal hard mounting points.


The sit-in kayak 10 ft. is a perfect blend of fun, comfort, and performance. Paddlers can sit comfortably for a long time while waiting for a bounty catch. Featuring ergonomic seating, the adjustable seatback can be reclined forward or backward for maximum comfort.

Easy Set-Up and Usage

Our sit-in kayak 10 ft. is easy to set up. Users will find a dual-action hand pump to inflate the kayak with ease. It is also easy to deflate and conveniently store in a travel bag. So, you can have a great time anywhere you go with your kayak.

Compact and Lightweight

The inflatable 10-foot angler kayak is lightweight, making it easy to carry around. It is also superior to the traditional kayak in terms of functionality which does not compromise its outstanding performance.


The kayak 10 ft. is designed with all safety precautionary measures in mind. It is stable and lets you relax on the water. Built with ocean and saltwater optimization hardware, you can take your kayak anywhere and use it for a very long time.


 Best quality LLDPE or HDPE




 Double or triple colors mixed; customized

 Weight capacity 

 1 Persons; 150kgs

 Net weight

 29.8 kgs

 Standard parts

1x Black bungee
2 x Round 8'' waterproof hatch
2 x Black plastic handles
4 x Flush rod holders
6 x Drain plugs

 Extra accessories

Kayak paddle
Kayak rack
Life jacket 
Deluxe back seat or stadium seat can be choosed
Adjustable fishing rod holder


 Heavy-duty and user friendly; multi-functional; easy to turn and use fishing


 Large bubble wrap and carton paper wrapping and felt, or according to  customers' requests

 Delivery Detail

 15-30 days

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