11.5ft Pedal Kayak

Easy-running 11.5 foot pedal kayak in yellow premium shades, smooth running for beginners. Propel pedal drive system with FORWARD AND REVERSE Adjustable Frame seat Left hand rudder control system Impact resistant stern rudder



This 11.5ft pedal kayak model is excellent for an ocean kayak or if you prefer shallow water. It has a comfortable seat and space for a fishing rod. The pedal-driven kayaks are easy to use and an excellent way to exercise. They are ideal if you want to use them for kayak fishing or leisure. 

Excellent Kayak Design

The kayak design is excellent. It is easy to use this kayak because the operating features are simple. Therefore, you can learn how to use them in a few minutes. This makes the kayak a good option for beginners. These are beautiful kayaks with a glowing yellow premium shade. 

It comes with a reliable pedal drive system that propels the kayak, allowing you to move it forward and in reverse. 

Also, the impact-resistant stern rudder is sturdy and enhances your safety because you have no worries about becoming stranded while out there in the water. 

Adjustable Frame Seat 

For additional comfort, especially as a beginner, you can adjust the frame seat. It is best to make yourself comfortable while learning how to use the kayak, so having an adjustable frame seat is a huge advantage.

Left Hand Rudder Control System

Navigating this kayak is easy when you master how the left-hand rudder control system works. The system is designed with easy-to-use features you can learn quickly.

Excellent Performance

The performance level of this pedal kayak is outstanding. It comes transducer ready and does not need special maintenance. With regular maintenance, this product will last for years. It has a top-quality steering knob and streamlined roto-molded UV-protected functional parts. 

The rear seat is also remarkable. It is an upright seat for young and older users. Also, the dry storage area is a thoughtful addition. The control knob can adjust all functional parts to meet your needs. 

Overall, it is perfect for all bodies of water and experienced anglers. So far, the kayak review posts for these kayaks are excellent.

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Pedal kayak




Standard colors and mixed colors available





Standard parts

1x Adjustable aluminum frame backseat
1x Pedal system
1x Black bungee
1 x Rudder system
2 x Waterproof hatch
4 x Flush rod holders
4 x Handles(2 mould in, 2 side plastic)
8 x Drain plugs


Large bubble wrap and carton paper wrapping and felt, or according to customers' requests

Delivery Detail

15-30 days

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