4'6 Short Surfboard



A cute 4’6 short board here. Sometimes the shorter the better! It’s created for fun and versatility and is perfect for beginners, rippers and wake surfers alike.

Fit for both children and adults, easy for both carry and turning, this board is no doubt super popular.

It comes with 2 FCS fins and a wide tail which can be shaped differently.

Average sales price is $60 only.

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Blank EPS foam
Board Shape Round nose + flat tail /Pointed nose + flat / fish / pin tail
Deck material XPE, IXPE, EVA for options
Deck color Standard colors and mixed colors available
Deck groove pattern Diamond, tringle, crocodile, honeycomb, etc.
Resin EPOXY resin
Fiberglass cloth optional (normally two layers in deck and one in bottom)
Inside stringer plywood / bamboo / fiberglass
Bottom material HDPE or APC for option
EVA wrap Optional on nose / tail / rail
Bonding process Vacuum bagged
Foam blank density 24-28kgs/m3
Logo printing Customization available
Accessories A set of fin and a black leash
Packaging One piece or two pieces per each export carton
Handle straight / Square buckle / skirt clasp handle