6’6 Rescue Foam Surfboard

Look how thick it is! Around 14cm, which is five and a half inches. It’s solid and resilient.

Four handles on sides offer multiple grab points.


The rescue surfboards are designed for experienced surfers who can save people in distress out in the water. However, it is a fantastic board for summer, and the 6foot 6in board size is excellent for rescue purposes. If needed, you can get a foam surfboard, which many surfers prefer.

Some of the best features of these 6’6 rescue surfboards are as follows:

Strong Paddling Boards

These are strong paddling boards that allow experienced surfers to reach the person in need of help. They can safely paddle back to shore, getting the person in distress to safety.

High-Performance Board

Considering its functions, this performance board is one of the best sellers in the board building industry. The board company also labels it accordingly, so you can spot it on the board racks when shopping.

Excellent Buoyancy

The custom board is also a reliable buoyant board, which is a good feature because you will need all the support to stay above the tides while doing a rescue.

Fiberglass Board Finishing

This board choice is best for people who do not want giant rescue boards. However, larger boards are usually available for special rescue missions.

Since it is for rescue, the heavier poly board can support a larger weight during a rescue mission.


You can find discount surfboards in this cheap surfboard category. These boards at the surfboard shops sell out fast. Quality is not compromised even with the common surfboard material used in manufacturing.

High-quality Boards

These boards compare with the model race boards and have secured a place in the generation of boards for their top-quality. They have been described as the best lifeguard longboard surfboards for expert surfers.

The quality also prevents dents over time and can withstand everyday waves.

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Naročilo v razsutem stanju bi vam prineslo odlično ponudbo in vemo, kako skleniti dogovore, v katerih dobite vse. Pošljite nam povpraševanje ali pokličite za hitro ponudbo.

ime izdelka

6'6 Rescue Foam Surfboard






EPS foam with Fiberglass layer/PE layers/No layers


Na voljo so standardne barve in mešane barve

Žlebni vzorec

Diamant, pike, krokodil, satja itd.

Notranja vrvica

Plywood stringers available;2 for short board and 3 for long board

Gostota pene

24-28 kg/m3

Steklena vlakna

Prilagojeno, vedno dve plasti na krovu in ena na dnu


50 kosov

Načini vezave plasti

Vacuumizing bagged lamination

Tisk logotipa



Normalne vijačne rebri propelerja in črn dvojni vrtljivi povodec (brez logotipa) Ujemanje dolžine


En kos na karton

Čas dostave

35 days

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