You have fun surfing,we take care of the rest.
Soft boards mainly;lots of existed shape and size for options, time and effort saving. We never compromise on quality,safety first!
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Your trusted supplier of beyond-expected surfboards

Beyoung Outdoors’ Soft-Top Surfboards are recognized in the industry for its above-standard quality. Additionally, we offer OEM/ODM services for your specific business needs, ideas, and demands.


high Quality



Supported with professionally trained staff, our factories cover over 9,000 square meters of space with state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment.

1. material preparation

2. roto moulding

3. Assembly

4. Assembly(Ⅱ)

5. inspection


Your Reliable Surfboard Supplier in China

Beyoung Outdoors is your best choice for your Kayak project or business. We manufacture top quality products with our professional team.

If you’re a Kayak brand who needs an OEM manufacturer, we’re ready to give 100% of our support to your product development. Drop us an email and let’s talk about your next product line!

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