Why You Should Use a Foam Surfboard

Surfing with a foam surfboard has got to be one of the best experiences you can have as a beginner. These boards are designed with some of the best features that allow you to explore more skills and tricks while surfing. Also, you don’t have much to worry about getting injured because the foam boards are relatively safer for beginners compared to other types of surfboards.
We recommend that you use the 7-foot foam surfboard, which has the perfect specifications for learning how to surf like a pro.

What is the Foam Surfboard?

The foam surfboard is one of the most common recommendations for beginners who want to surf because of its features. These are boards with a fiberglass top which allows the surfer to have more control while they are out there chasing the waves.
It goes by many names. However, you won’t be confused when searching for this board to buy because on most websites, it’s called the foam surfboard.
Therefore, the main features of the foam surfboard are the foam part which has a high density, and the base made from fiberglass. Also, the 7-foot foam surfboard is another common feature for this board category. This is an adequate length that enhances stability when it’s in use.

Are Foam Surfboards Better than the Options?

On average, you will find out that the foam surfboards are reasonably cheaper than other options. This makes them the best choice for you if your budget for a board is not too high. Also, you should consider using this board if you want to master the art of stability on the water, even when the tide is high.
During lessons, you will find that these boards allow you to cruise on the water easily. Also, paddling is easier with them, and you will be able to avoid flipping over when you stand to catch small waves.

Main Uses of the Foam Surfboard

The best description regarding the usage of the 7 foot foam surfboard is that it is a great choice that allows you to learn the first tricks of surfing. Also, it is excellent for learning and practicing your paddling skills. We think this is one of the best boards to start with before you eventually use the pro versions to catch big waves.

Advantages of Using a Foam Surfboard

The reviews for this board are outstanding. You can find reviews that many experts have posted. They all claim to have a foam surfboard in their collection, even though they are professional surfers already.
Consequently, using the foam surfboard gives a memorable experience that you will want to have again and again. Here are the reasons why you should plan to buy one of the 7 foot foam surfboard models from us:
These are some of the most durable surfboards you can find anywhere. The fiberglass finishing is fantastic. Also, the reviews show that many surfers have had their surfboards for many years. On average, your foam surfboard should last for six to ten years, with heavy use.
Difficult to break
One of the bad experiences you may have as a surfer is replacing your surfboards too often because they break easily. You can avoid this problem by using a foam surfboard. These tough products are built to withstand extreme surfing activity while riding the tides. You should save money by buying a 7 foot foam surfboard from us.
Safe for Beginners
Surfing is categorized as an extreme sport, however, you should be able to enjoy your surfing sessions without fear. This is why using a foam surfboard is a great idea when you start your surfing lessons for the first time. However, please note that while using a foam surfboard is relatively safer for new trainees, you should also adhere to the instructor’s guidelines to learn and become a pro surfer eventually.

7 foot foam surfboard

Are Foam Surfboards Faster?

Another reason we would encourage you to use the 7 foot foam surfboard is the speed you can achieve with these products. We think the foam boards are pretty fast, whether you are riding small or big waves. They move swiftly, which gives you an advantage in the water.
Those tricks are for the experts. However, you may not be able to do the turns and flips with this board during the first surfing lessons you have. So give yourself time to learn and improve.

Caring for Your Foam Surfboard

This is the easy part, and you should use these tips to ensure your foam surfboard lasts for a long time.
It is best to keep your board upright after use. This helps remove all traces of water, and you can also use light wax to polish the board. Also, it is a great idea to keep your surfboard in a storage bag. These are unique bags that can keep your board at a low temperature, which will make it last longer.
Seawater is salty, and that can cause your board to fade or lose its quality faster. Ensure you rinse your board with soft water after use.
Proper storage cannot be overemphasized. You can avoid dents and scratches by storing your board the right way when you need to move it from one location to another. Avoid keeping heavy items on your surfboard, which can also ruin its shape.
Minor issues with your foam surfboard can be repaired if you act quickly. However, you must contact an experienced person who can fix these issues without causing more problems.
Buy Foam Surfboards in Bulk
We have established a business that provides the best foam surfboards on the market. Our vast investment in the business ensures you will always find top-quality products every time. And the quotes for bulk sales are reasonable. All you need to do is place orders on our website. We have a customer support team ready to answer your questions. Please, submit a contact form now for more information.

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