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Leash Company

The brand has earned an outstanding reputation as a top-rated leash company because of the high-quality products always available on sale. The surf leach factory uses only polyurethane that they import from trusted sources. This is why these leashes sell with a guarantee that leaves buyers impressed. The top quality rating for these leashes applies to the straight or coiled versions.

Custom Leash

You will also like the custom leash. These products come in different colors to allow users to match their leashes with the color design pattern on their surfboards or wet suits. You can choose the red, clear, green, blue colors, and much more available on the site. Besides the most common ankle leash, there are also waist leash and knee leash for options.

Different Sizes and Diameters Available

The surf leash factory produces different sizes of leashes to allow you to surf with one that fits perfectly. You can find leash sizes measuring from five feet up to ten feet. If you would need a longer leash, that is not a problem. The surf leash manufacturer can make a custom leash at any length you want. You can also choose from the different diameters available for this product. The leashes come in 5.5mm, 7mm, and 8mm, depending on what you want.Also straight leash which usually for surfboards or coiled leash which more for SUP are both available.

Easy to Use

The leash company has also added various essential features to make it easy for you to use this leash. It has a convenient ankle strap with a quick-release loop to operate efficiently. You will also like the fastening and release rail saver on the leash.

Durable Features

The surf leash manufacturer has added solid steel bearing swivel on the leash. Depending on your preference, it can be made from stainless steel or brass. Also, you can choose a leash with a single or double-tagged swivel. Finally, the tear strength of this custom leash is excellent. The surf leash manufacturer rates the tear strength at 85 N/mm, perfect for beginners and professional surfers.


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