Soft Top SUP

Soft Top SUP

These beautiful soft top SUP boards come with unique features that allow amateur and expert surfers to enjoy their sessions in the water. The boards have an excellent grip and are not too heavy. Which means they are perfect for paddling or chasing small waves. The soft top also gives you a buoyancy that you can leverage to practice and master the best surfing tricks quickly.

Top Quality EVA Material

The soft board supplier ensures these boards feature EVA material on the deck. This is essential for durability, so you can be sure you will get your money’s worth after purchasing this soft top sup.

The boards also feature a top-quality layer of fiberglass. On some models, the custom design features a PE reinforced layer, according to your preference. Both options are combined with EPS foam to increase the board’s stability and overall user experience.

SUP Custom Designs

Regarding the SUP custom designs, you can choose from the variety of groove patterns available. Some of the top options you can find for this surfboard model are crocodile,dot, and diamond,to mention a few. Also, these boards come in a variety of colors to match your leash or wet suit.

The leashes and stringers are the basic features that can match this soft top sup. You can fit two stringers on it, usually made of bamboo, while it can only accommodate one leash. The production design for this sup custom board is excellent. The deck features a durable vacuum lamination and can withstand daily surfing for long hours. Regarding the length, it depends on your preferences. You can find SUP boards from eight to eleven feet or even longer.


These soft top sup boards are excellent for paddling and highly stable, which means you can rely on them even when the tide is high. Cleaning and storage requirements are basic, so you can be sure they will last for many years. Don’t hesitate to contact us now to place an order or for more information.



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