Inflatable SUP

Inflatable SUP

The manufacturers targeted making an inflatable SUP convenient for all surfers who would like to enjoy their sessions daily. The unique design for this type of paddleboard is excellent. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers. Also, many pro surfers use them because of their outstanding features.

Comfortable Design

One thing that stands out on this paddleboard is the comfort. Using it is one of the best experiences with a paddleboard. You can store it conveniently in a bag and flip the board out when you want to enjoy some hours of surfing.


The inflatable sup is secure. It features the best valves, which the manufacturer describes as safety valves. The valve has a safety cover that can easily open and close. It holds the air in and maintains pressure to allow you to surf on a stable paddleboard.

Safe for Children and Adults

Also, when inflated, this paddleboard can support the weight of an average adult. It is excellent for kids as well. The deck is not abrasive, adding the comfort you enjoy when using this paddleboard. It features an EVA deck which is perfect for the environment as there is no threat of pollution.

Easy to Set Up

You will like the fins which hold fast and secure. The click features make it possible to set up your inflatable sup in seconds. The colorful designs are another attraction that many users like. You can get customized features if you want.


Regular accessories that come with this inflatable paddle board include the coiled leash, hand pump, fins, repair kit, and a paddle. The backpack that can hold the deflated paddleboard and all accessories.


The material is rigid, so you do not need to worry about ruining your board if it crashes against rocks. The drop-stitch PVC layers inside make the paddleboards almost impossible to break while using them correctly.


We manufacture high-quality inflatable SUP. Please, contact us to place your order or for more information.




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