Surfboard Manufacturer & Exporter

The latest surfboard designs are impressive. You will love the striking features, including screen-printed patterns and color patches forming a perfect blend to make your surfboard stand out.

Perfect Surf Board for Beginners

The surfboard manufacturer has also ensured that this board is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. The stability level is excellent, and it is just the right weight to allow you to chase those waves and do mind-blowing flips while improving your surfing skills.

In addition to the surfboard custom features, the wide tail and fins on these boards are adjustable. You can watch videos on how to set them right or follow the guidelines from your instructor.


As a leading surfboard company, the team has ensured that these boards are versatile, so even professional surfers can keep them in their collection. Also, children can use these boards to learn since it is stable.

These experienced surfboard makers ensure the product line features designs with different board shapes to allow you to choose. Depending on what you want, they also offer other deck materials such as EVA, XPE, or IXPE.

The boards have a clasp handle that allows you to grip it firmly while paddling or when you need to move it from one place to another. However, you can choose to go for the surfboards with a square buckle.

Some surfers have preferences regarding the stringer in the board. Therefore, the surf board manufacturer has given options. You can either choose the product with a plywood stringer or a bamboo stringer.

Compatible with Different Accessories

This surfboard is compatible with accessories you can easily find on the surfboard company website. There are no unique specifications, so feel free to order an extra set of fins or leashes for your new or old surfboard.

Overall, the product quality is excellent. The opportunity to add surfboard custom designs makes them a favorite among surfers. Please contact us now for more information or to place an order.

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