Surfing a Wave

What Happened to

The idea that would later become was conceived towards the end of the 1990s by Bruce Boal, a former international sailor, and ski instructor. From humble beginnings, SurfersVillage grew over the years, eventually describing itself as “… a news service and agency specializing in surfing, publishing and distributing surfing news globally, on print and

best kayak for beginners

How to Choose the Best Kayak for Beginners

We are excited you are considering learning how to use a kayak. It is an excellent decision because kayaking is so much fun. However, your learning experience will be much better if you find the best kayak for beginners. This is where we come in. We sell the best kayak for beginners. The best kayak

best sit on top kayak

Features of the Best Sit On Top Kayak

Buying a kayak will be one of the best decisions you can make. However, you should carefully decide what you want to get more value for your money. This article will be writing about the best sit on top kayak, our top recommendation. Who Should Go Kayaking Anyway? Kayaking is one of the best physical

2 person canoe

Buying Guide for a 2 Person Canoe

One of the best ways to experience nature without obstruction is paddling along calm waters in a canoe. There is one more good thing about it. You do not have to enjoy the scenes and experience alone. You can buy a 2 person canoe and sail away with your best friends or loved one. The


Why You Should Use a Foam Surfboard

Surfing with a foam surfboard has got to be one of the best experiences you can have as a beginner. These boards are designed with some of the best features that allow you to explore more skills and tricks while surfing. Also, you don’t have much to worry about getting injured because the foam boards


A Guide to Choosing the Best Beginner Longboard Surfboard

One of the best things about surfing is that you have a variety of surfboards you can enjoy. However, your level of expertise will determine what board to go for. Choosing the wrong board can ruin your entire surfing experience. We recommend choosing the best beginner longboard surfboard if you are new to surfing. The


How To Surf Your Stress Away

Even though the link between sports in general and mental health is well documented, surfing is an effective stress therapy that is often overlooked. Research shows that surfing can improve the mental health of military veterans, people living with disabilities, and vulnerable youth. Other studies have also concluded that surf therapy can assist in alleviating anxiety and depression.

Best Beginner Shortboard

Advantages of Using the Best Beginner Shortboard

Are you planning to start learning how to surf? Experts advise that starting with the best beginner shortboard is good, which can help you understand the necessary surfing basics and tricks quickly. We are passionate about surfing. That is why we have continued to offer some of the best foam board surfboards you will find

soft top surfboard

Choosing the Best Surfboard with Top Board

Are you thinking about surfing for fun, or is this the beginning of your career as a surfer? We assure you that your success as a surfer depends on the quality of your surfboard. Choosing the best surfboards is easy when you know what to look for. Also, you need to know the right questions


From 3,000 square meters to 13,000 square meters what’s next?

“It’s indeed a rather small factory now but I believe that it would grow much bigger in a fast way” said when Dennis,sales manager of Beyoung Outdoors,decided to join the Beyoung team in early 2020. A big leap!! From a 3,000 square meters old workshop at YuYao to current 13,000 square meters medium-size surfboard&kayak factory

beyoungoutdoors team

Kayaking trip of Beyoung Team

In a sunny beautiful day of this summer,we decided to bring the whole office to a paddling trip. 15 of us geared up, brought 6 kayaks and 1 soft top SUP, and of course our drone to a river at rural area of NingBo city. Some of us tried the first time ever on the

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