SUP Accessories

The Best Sup Paddle

Safe to Use

One of the most outstanding features of our stand-up paddle accessories is the safety features. The deck is soft and cushioned with a non-slip traction pad that helps to boost the rider’s balance. With a better grip, users can experience fewer falls.


Every customer is important to us, and this is why we make our sup paddle adjustable. It comes with a double locking device made of a stainless steel screw button. It also features a laser measurement shaft, which can be adjusted to your preferred length. The height range is 165cm215cm, suitable for the whole family.

Sup Paddle Premium Material

The sup paddle is made of a durable aluminum shaft. The sturdy PP and fiberglass blade make it possible to withstand big waves. Although it is lightweight, you can enjoy extended usage without any damage.

Lightweight and Floating

The lightweight features of the sup paddle make it convenient to carry around and paddle without experiencing fatigue. The unique floating design ensures your paddle stays floating in both fresh water and saltwater without losing the paddle in the water.

Modern Design

Our stand-up paddle accessories are made with improved design. For instance, the design on the shaft makes the paddle firmer. This gives you more control in the water without falling. The cap on the handle keeps you afloat by preventing water from getting in. Paddlers love this blade because it isn’t prone to scratches and doesn’t chip.

For Beginners and Pro

We aim to provide high-quality and affordable sup paddle. It is suitable for beginners and professionals.  You can find three pieces in your package: paddle blades, one intermediate connecting shaft, and one T-handle. We manufacture stand-up paddle accessories in bulk. Please submit a contact form now for more information or place your order.




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