10ft Kayak

The 10ft Kayak is a sit in kayak that has a large cockpit and a comfortable backrest for your long paddling adventures. Designed for extreme safety and stability. The kayak is constructed of blow-molded high-density polyethylene making it durable, UV-protected, and impact resistant.


The 10-foot kayak is such a beautiful sit-in kayak with a large cockpit. It also comes with some of the best features that allow users to enjoy all the benefits of kayaking and the outdoors. They are suitable for recreational paddlers and have enough space for taller paddlers. Also, the max capacity is fantastic, even though this kayak also qualifies as a lightweight product for people who do not need a bulky kayak.

Comfortable Backrest

The back rest is well-designed and super-comfortable, allowing you to enjoy long hours of kayaking. Customer reviews about the backrest are excellent.

Excellent Balance

It is safe to use this kayak for exploring the lakes or leisure because it has an outstanding balance and stability. The hull design helps the kayak remain stable, even when you hit a current in the water.

Impact Resistance

The hull design features a roto-molded high-density polyethylene body that is extremely durable. The kayak’s hull finishing is also UV-protected. With a high impact resistance level, this kayak is suitable for beginners who can learn to paddle safely.

Sporty Kayak Oars

The kayak oars are durable and easy to use. You can choose to buy the aluminum sporty kayak oars if you want. Paddle holders allow you to manage space while using this kayak.

Excellent Weight Capacity

This 10ft kayak can carry adults and other essentials such as kayak dry bags. The kayak weight capacity is an essential feature, so you are assured of safety while kayaking with this model.

Longer Hull

Considering the size of this 10-foot kayak, it has an elongated hull, which also boosts stability. The hull types include the flat bottom or pontoon-style hull, which you can leverage to enjoy the best kayaking experience. You also have several purchasing options depending on your preference.

Bestselling 10ft Kayaks on Sale

These bestselling items are excellent for twisty waterways and have enough space for gear like the thigh or bungee strap. You only need to send us an inquiry. We’d take care of the rest.


Best quality LLDPE


307*75*29cm /10ft


 Double or triple colors mixed; customized

Weight capacity 

1 Person; 120kgs

Net weight


Standard parts

Bow&stern carry handles

Extra accessories

1 x Rotomold seat,1 x black bungee,2 x black handles


Heavy-duty and user friendly; multi-functional; easy to turn and use fishing


Large bubble wrap and carton paper wrapping, or according to customers' requests

Delivery Detail

15-30 days

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