6’2 Surfboard

6’2 yellow soft board, bright color, elegant texture, help you gallop on the sea.


It is best to consider buying a 6 2 surfboard if the plan is to spend more time out there chasing the biggest waves. These surfboards are built to last and are durable.

Here are the best features that make them a bestseller among other surfboard options:

Beautiful Designs

You have no limits when creating the best designs for your surfboard. You can have them customized to meet specific needs. The designs are mostly bright colored. This is a good idea because it gives you more visibility when you are out there surfing the huge waves.

Superb Construction

The designers have done an excellent job with the construction of these surfboards. They are built to gallop while you surf high waves out there. Also, the layers of fiberglass improve the board’s buoyancy which means you can enjoy surfing the waves for a more extended period.

The unique construction also retains the perfect vacuum in between the layers. This makes it easy for you to maintain balance while using the surfboard 6 2.

Perfect Size

The 6 2 surfboard is ideal in many ways. Anyone can use them because of the length. You will have enough legroom to move freely while paddling. Also, the allowance gives you an opportunity to maneuver when necessary.

Flat Tail Surfboard

The round nose complements the flat tail on this board. These are features that help improve your balance while you are chasing the big waves. These features also make the surfboard a good option for beginners and intermediate surfers.


You will find out that many of the beautifully colored surfboard 6 2 have grooves on them. The possibilities for grooves include dots, honeycomb, or the popular crocodile grooves, which give the board a unique look.

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Product Name

6'2 Soft Top Surfboard




EPS foam with Fiberglass layer/PE layers/No layers; Vacuum bagged lamination


6'0 (21*2.35 in / 39 L)


Standard colors and mixed colors avail

Board Shape (Customized)

Round nose and flat tail
Pointed nose and fish tail
Pointed nose and flat tail
Pointed nose and pin tail

EVA wrap

Protect the soft surfboard

Groove pattern

Diamond,dots,crocodile, honeycomb etc.

Inside stringer

Plywood stringers available;2 for short board and 3 for long board

Foam density



Customized, always two layers on deck and one on bottom



Ways to bind layers


Logo printing



Thruster normal screw fins and black double-swivel leash(No logo) Length matching


One piece per carton

Handle request

Straight handle
Square buckle handle
Skirt clasp handle

Delivery time

30-35 days

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