6ft Kayak


Kayaking is a fun physical activity for adults and children. However, since it involves paddling on the water, you should get the best 6ft kayak for your children. 

We recommend a 6ft kayak for children because it has some of the best features allowing new or experienced users have fun. Here are the features that make this 6ft kayak for kids stand out:

Beautifully Colored Designs

Children will love these beautifully colored kayaks in our product line. The colors help make them visible while having fun gliding over the water while they are out there. Also, these beautiful kayaks will add color to your pictures when you capture the best moments of kayaking with the children.

Built for Balance

No worries about the kayak flipping over while paddling leisurely across the river. The design and structure eliminate any risks of flipping over. The weight capacity of these kayaks ranges from 50 kgs upwards. This is a perfect range for children of all ages.

Standard Size

These are 6ft. kayak models, which is the standard size for general use, whether you have experience. The length is perfect because it allows the user to have enough legroom and allowance to enjoy paddling down the river. The 6ft. kayak is also recommended for kids interested in training for kayaking competitions sometime in the future.

Universal Design

You can buy accessories for this kayak from stores online because it has a universal design. No need to waste money on expensive custom-made accessories. You can find paddles, straps for carrying and holding your stuff, a leash for paddles, etc.

Heavy Duty 6 Ft Kayaks

With this product, you will get top value for your money. The design is sturdy and durable, making them last for years.

Order Now in Bulk

The lead time for these kayaks is about four weeks. And we ship them out in protective bubbles to prevent damage during transit. Complete the contact form below to place your order.




Double or triple colors mixed; customized

Weight capacity

1Persons; 50kgs

Net weight

9 kgs

Standard parts

Side molded carry handles, D ring buttons,scupper plugs, bungee rope, padeye

Extra accessories

Included if requested and paid extra. 1*paddle, 1*backrest,1*life vest, 1*carry strap, paddle leash.


Heavy-duty and user friendly; multi-functional; easy to turn and use fishing


Large bubble wrap and carton paper wrapping and felt, or according to customers' requests

Delivery Detail

15-30 days

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