9ft Foam Soft Top Surfboard

The 9ft surfboard is excellent for newbies and makes an ideal surfboard for everyday surfers. Our surfboards have the best features with several years of manufacturing experience and the highest quality of materials.


If you need a good beginner surfboard with the perfect foam core and traction pad, this 9ft soft top surfboard is it. The foam surfboards are excellent for catching waves, and the fins included help you maintain stability while you control your foam board in any direction you want. The soft foam deck has a rounded nose, and it is heat laminated to improve performance when you have to use it in hot weather.

These longer, soft surfboards will give you a smooth ride, and they are excellent for beginners and experienced surfers.

Product Description- 9ft Foam Soft Top Surfboards

The first thing you will notice about the 9ft foam surfboards is the graphics design. These boards look so beautiful. And beneath the cool designs is a solid eps core that enhances the quality of the fiberglass board.

Read on to learn more features of this foam surfboard:

Three Fin Set

Beginners have an opportunity to catch waves and maintain speed by leveraging the three fins beneath this soft surfboard. The three fins are about 5 inches long, which makes them cut through water easily, so they help boost speed without making you lose control of the soft surfboard, especially when you are practicing your dive through turns. The fins are removable, so you need less storage space to keep this soft surfboard.

Rounded Nose

Another feature you will quickly notice when you see this surfboard is the rounded nose, which helps you keep the surfboard stable even as a beginner surfer. The rounded nose also provides added rigidity when riding overhead waves, regardless of the length.

Lightweight Design

Picking up and carrying this surfboard is easy because it weighs about 19 lbs only. This is a perfect weight that can support beginners or expert surfers who weigh up to 140 lbs. You can carry it easily by gripping the deck handle, which is sturdy as well.

Perfect EPS Core

The high-quality eps foam provides a water-resistant core that lowers the risks of experiencing board penetration. This is one of the reasons why the foam surfboard will last for many years, giving you maximum value for your money. Also, the durability the core provides puts the foam surfboard at the top of the list of options for beginners who need to buy their first board.

Hard Bottom

The surfboard has a slightly curved rocker, which is great for gliding on flat water or riding waves, and the hard bottom provides extra stability. It features an HDPE slick which will not be compromised by the saltwater.

Support Stringers

For improved performance, the foam surfboard has three linear stringers that support the construction design. The wood stringers give the soft surfboards a sturdy form, holding the foam in place while you chase or ride waves.

Squash Tail

This is a good beginner surfboard because it has a well-designed squash tail that complements the soft top. The squash tail is the perfect feature that allows you to navigate tight turns while riding high overhead waves.

Finally, customer reviews for these soft surfboard models are excellent, and they come highly recommended.

Modern Design and Usage

The stylish and modern design makes it an excellent choice for new surfers. This foam surfboard is made with a 100% EPS foam core that guarantees a high-quality surfboard to every user. It is 9ft and supports riders up to 250lb. It also comes with safety leashes and detachable fins, providing an enjoyable surfing experience for everyone.

Wide Application

The best 9ft longboard comes with super cool features, making it ideal for beginners, wake surfers, and rippers.

Durable Construction

The 9ft longboard is made with durable and long-lasting materials that help prevent damage from impact. So, you don’t have to worry about getting your surfboard damaged while enjoying many waves.

Get Your 9ft Soft Top Surfboards

We sell high density foam surfboards that stand out. These products have the best features anyone would expect to find on a foam surfboard. They are designed for speed, balance, and to catch the surf.

You should send us a customer contact form to order these foam surfboards in bulk. We will reply quickly and provide all the assistance you need to get these fast-selling foam surfboards.


As wholesale manufacturers, we offer our customers the opportunity to customize their orders. This can be done in various unique and brilliant colors. Customers love this feature because it allows them to personalize their fun surfboard.


We are committed to offering the best quality surfboard and offer customers a warranty with several manufacturing years. We have a team of professional customer care representatives who are always available to answer your questions or take your order. Contact us now for more information.

Grow with your Board

This board is an absolute delight for beginners and old-time surfers. The style of the board makes it easy for newbies to learn with, and old-timers will enjoy the speed and maneuverability. The sturdy build ensures the 9ft longboard can withstand long usage.

Product Name

9'0 Soft Top Surfboard




EPS foam with Fiberglass layer/PE layers/No layers; Vacuum bagged lamination


9'0 (23.5*3.54 in / 95.75 L)


Standard colors and mixed colors avail

Board Shape (Customized)

Round nose and flat tail
Pointed nose and flat tail
Pointed nose and pin tail

EVA wrap

Protect the soft surfboard

Groove pattern

Diamond,dots,crocodile, honeycomb etc.

Inside stringer

Plywood stringers available;2 for short board and 3 for long board

Foam density



Customized, always two layers on deck and one on bottom



Ways to bind layers


Logo printing



Thruster normal screw fins and black double-swivel leash(No logo) Length matching


One piece per carton

Handle request

Straight handle
Square buckle handle
Skirt clasp handle

Delivery time

30-35 days

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