11.5ft Kayak

Plan out your route or go where the tides take you in the sit in kayak.
Stay stable during rough spots with adjustable foot braces and venture onward towards your destiantion with plenty of space in the bungee-corded hull and stern, which keep your gear safe from going overboard.


This 11.5ft kayak can be used as a recreational kayak or fishing sit-in kayak that allows you to plan your route or go where the tide takes you. It is best for flat water adventures and rough waters as well. These kayaks are bestsellers and have an excellent weight capacity. Also, the design has been enhanced for optimal comfort. 

Excellently Designed Stern Deck Surface

The surface finishing on the stern tank wells is excellent and adds beauty to this kayak’s physical appearance. Many users have written reviews indicating that the finishing work is awesome and does not fade easily.

Spacious Bungee-Corded Hull and Stern

We recommend this 11.5ft kayak suitable because it provides enough space to keep your gear safe. You can navigate rough waters without worrying about your gear falling overboard because everything is secure. 

Padded Seats

The padded seat comes with traction pads that make your kayaking experience unforgettable. The position for seats chosen by the manufacturers is excellent, so you have more leg room in this long kayak.

Adjustable Foot Braces

Considering the extensive legroom, you can enjoy using the adjustable footrests to feel more comfortable in this kayak. The adjustable foot braces also allow you to stay safe and stable while navigating through rough currents in the water.

Bulk Sales Available

Even with additional features, you can get this bestselling 11.5ft kayak at an attractive price. You only need to send us an inquiry. We’d take care of the rest.




Kayak single sit in




Standard colors and mixed colors available





Standard parts

1 x Rotomold seat
1 x Rudder system
1 x Oval waterproof hatch
1 x Round waterproof hatch
2 x Black bungee
2 x Black handles


Large bubble wrap and carton paper wrapping and felt, or according to customers' requests

Delivery Detail

15-30 days

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