14.5ft Sit In Kayak

The larger size of this 14.5ft kayak maintains the maneuverability of its smaller sibling while adding speed, stability, and dual dry storage zones. The roomy and stable sit-in design is exceptionally safe and easy for anyone to get in and out of.


If you want a great time exploring with a kayak, you should consider using this 14.5ft sit in kayak. The best part is that the kayak manufacturers have made this one of the popular models in different colors. You can also get custom designs when you buy the kayaks in bulk.

Secure Sit-in Kayak

It is a leak-proof one-piece construction which is perfect. You have no worries about flooding because the kayak is secure and has a functional drain system to allow water to flow away if it enters the kayak. Also, regarding the colors, you can find a 14.5ft sit-in kayak with wear-proof colors, so no worries about water destroying the kayak’s physical features. 

Excellent Buoyancy

The built-in buoyancy level of these kayaks is magnificent. This is why the kayaks are so stable, whether you are gliding across flat water or calm water. 

V-Shaped Hull

The v-shaped hull makes this 14.5ft sit-in kayak perfect for windy conditions. The hull design also allows you to attach deck bungees if you want to enjoy an adventure pedaling this kayak without issues.

Optimal Boat Control

According to many user reviews, this 14.5ft sit-in kayak is excellent for first-time paddlers because it has an optimal boat control level making maneuvering easy. Avid paddlers will be happy because the space can accommodate paddlers who want to go sailing. And it has an excellent blend of speed and stability. 

Well-positioned Bulkhead

These kayaks have a bulkhead flotation foam. If the bulkhead falls into water, you can retrieve it quickly because it won’t sink. There is also a rigid bulkhead foam.

Roomy Lightweight Design

Even with the size, this is still one of the category-leading lightweight kayaks. You can move it quickly. In addition to that, the kayak is roomy and stable, making it easy for anyone to get in and out.

Reflective Safety Lines

You can find models with these security features, especially the foot version. This layer of safety can help prevent a collision, even in choppy conditions.

Order in Bulk

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Kayak single sit in




Standard colors and mixed colors available





Standard parts

1 x Rotomold seat
1 x Rudder system
2 x Oval waterproof hatch
2 x Black bungee
2 x Black handles


Large bubble wrap and carton paper wrapping and felt, or according to customers' requests

Delivery Detail

15-30 days

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