6’6 Fish Tail Surfboard

Here brings our 6’6 fish tail board. Its extra volume makes it easy to paddle & catch waves, while the flatter rocker allows plenty of speed once up and surfing.

The fish tail design is always highly recommended for lightweight skilled surfers. If you like other fishtails, we could shape them as required.

It is installed with quad fins, but can be customized with a thruster or five fins. Options are numerous!

This sample has dot texture and an EVA nose bumper, which are higher cost but a massive help to deck traction and board protection.

In addition to the fish design, the 6’6 fishtail surfboard has many other features that make it stand out. It is one of the best retro fish surfboards with an EPS foam core, making it suitable for the experienced surfer. It is a best-seller and ships fast through a superior logistics arrangement that guarantees you will receive the product in perfect condition.

Easy to Use

With features such as the water barrier silica rings, balanced curves, and double concave design, this 6’6 fishtail surfboard is easy to use.

Bolt-through Fin

No worries about losing the fins because they are securely attached to the soft surfboard. The bolt-through fin is high quality and easy to fix on different surfboard sizes. The regular-sized board also has a flatter rocker, which is excellent for balance, even for advanced surfers.

Lightweight Design

It is easy to use these products because they are lightweight. The inserts with a water barrier also lower water absorption, which helps keep the weight low.

Affordable Fish Tail Surfboard

These are one of the cheap fish surfboards made according to the general fish surfboard template. And the fish foam boards have received excellent reviews, so we know the products work excellently.

Outer Skin Wraps

With this excellent selection of foam fish surfboards, you can ride hollow or messy waves without worrying about ruining them because of the skin wrap protection. They are ideal for riding 2-7ft waves or 2-8ft waves.


These funboard surfboards are strong, with the classic volume characteristic for cold waters. They fit perfectly in the surfboard bag’s core when not in use.

Bulk Sales

Bulk order would bring you great offer and we know how to make win-win deals. Drop us an inquiry or a call for fast quote.

Product Name

6'6 Soft Top Surfboard with fish tail




EPS foam with Fiberglass layer/PE layers/No layers; Vacuum bagged lamination


6'6 (22*3.54 in / 51 L)

Board Shape (Customized)

Round nose and flat tail
Pointed nose and fish tail
Pointed nose and flat tail
Pointed nose and pin tail

EVA wrap

Protect the soft surfboard

Groove pattern

Diamond,dots,crocodile, honeycomb etc.

Inside stringer

Plywood stringers available;2 for short board and 3 for long board

Foam density



Customized, always two layers on deck and one on bottom



Ways to bind layers


Logo printing



Thruster normal screw fins and black double-swivel leash(No logo) Length matching


One piece per carton

Handle request

Straight handle
Square buckle handle
Skirt clasp handle

Delivery time

30-35 days

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