Round Nose + Flat Tail 7ft Surfboard

Vibrant orange 7 surfboards, Portable and easy to use, surfing with it is like a fire floating on the sea, bursting out the vitality of life.
All around EVA rail gives the maximum protection by only adding very small weight.
The delicate design ensure maneuverability and durability on waves.
Surfers are really happy with this board, some call it classic board.
A 20GP loads 170, a 40HQ loads 410, either way, you’d get competitive offer from us and that’s how you win more share on this harsh market.
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If you wonder whether all soft top surfboards are the same, the answer is no. On the market, you will find surfboards with different quality levels, so you should make a solid choice.
The 7ft soft top surfboards stand out as a good choice for advanced riders and beginner riders.
We particularly suggest this surfboard as the best choice for beginners without experience because they have excellent stability. However, surfboards have similar features, such as buoyancy and shape. Also, the ample stability is enhanced by the dense foam construction.

Color Options

The color visible buoyant design is one of the attractive features that make the 7ft soft top surfboard a favorite. These products come in bright colors that are visible when surfing far into the water.

Buoyancy Features

The surfboard also features a wide nose, center fins, and an accurate center of gravity which help improve its buoyancy in the water. In addition to that, the 2 full-length wooden light-weight design makes these funboard surfboards safer. You can find designs with a double wood stringer core, which helps with stability.


The 7ft surfboard version is a decent-sized surfboard featuring durable epoxy finishing. The epoxy board is excellent because its cloud hybrid epoxy soft design is best for the average surfer. So for people who want the best product for actual surfing and traditional surfing style, this product is a good option.

Comfort to Surfers

The designers have added simple but innovative features to make them the coolest surfboards for various wave conditions, such as the 2 – 4ft waves. The deck surfboards have a decent tail rocker, blocky squash tails, rounded tails, and fins so that you can choose based on preference.

High Capacity

This soft top surfboard is excellent for people who like thinner designs and soft foam finishing. And the high-pressure construction and low water absorption make them excellent surfboards for riders weighing within the manufacturer’s limit.

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Product Name

7' Soft Top Surfboard




EPS foam with Fiberglass layer/PE layers/No layers; Vacuum bagged lamination


7'0 (22*3.54 in / 56.2 L)


Standard colors and mixed colors avail

Board Shape (Customized)

Round nose and flat tail
Pointed nose and flat tail
Pointed nose and pin tail

EVA wrap

Protect the soft surfboard

Groove pattern

Diamond,dots,crocodile, honeycomb etc.

Inside stringer

Plywood stringers available;2 for short board and 3 for long board

Foam density



Customized, always two layers on deck and one on bottom



Ways to bind layers


Logo printing



Thruster normal screw fins and black double-swivel leash(No logo) Length matching


One piece per carton

Handle request

Straight handle
Square buckle handle
Skirt clasp handle

Delivery time

30-35 days

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